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The philosophy behind the art of Kenseido is one of self improvement, self control, and self defense. We train in the art to better ourselves, too strengthen our bodies, minds, and spirits. We train to be powerfully able to defend ourselves hoping that the need never arises, and actively attempting to avoid the need to hurt anyone else.

If the Kenseido practitioner finds themselves in a situation where they must use their art the principal is to do the least damage that you can to the other person to keep yourself safe. Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is paramount, but having a higher ethical standard is an important part of being a better person.

Quite often the confidence and strength that is presented by a Kenseido practitioner is sufficient to keep them from being a target or to keep things from escalating to the point of actual violence.

We train to make ourselves stronger and better able to overcome any challenges that life will put before us with strength, confidence and decorum.

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Kenseido Karate/Akido
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